Mealtime Memories:

A Classroom Kitchen

Making Family Mealtime a Priority

Through Web-Based Cooking Instruction and Family Health Coaching


Web-Based Cooking Classes

In today's world it is important to have virtual programming to offer great cooking instruction content, near or far. Park district and library programs, social groups, corporate offices, and scout groups have used these offerings to achieve specific cooking goals, enjoy a cooking experience together, or dive deep into specific food trends and nutrition.

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Family Health and Wellness

I help families and individuals achieve their health and wellness goals! I support families in creating lasting lifestyle changes and better mealtime habits. I want to see my coaching clients and their families live happier, healthier lives.


On-Demand Cooking Classes

Mealtime Memories: A Classroom Kitchen on Teachable is a place where curious home chefs and their families can learn new cooking skills and grow confidence in the kitchen.
Classes serve ages 3-adult and all classes are an on-demand format; you may complete the class at your convenience.


Passionate At-Home Chef and Teacher Turned Cooking Instructor

Here I am in 2021 better than ever! Cooking and teaching and sharing all the food pictures (yes I am THAT person).  I want to give everyone the tools and confidence to achieve their wellness and cooking goals. I have been working as a cooking instructor since 2015, have a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in History, and am a Certified Family Health Coach. I leverage these passions to create unique cooking classes for ages 3-adult. Let's create some memories in the kitchen!


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