A Classroom Kitchen

Mealtime Memories: A Classroom Kitchen is a place where curious home chefs and their families can learn new cooking skills and grow confidence in the kitchen. We want to help you become the hero of your mealtime.

Homemade Pesto

Web-Based Cooking Classes

Cooking takes practice, patience, creativity, and more practice. Offering web-based cooking instruction for:

  • Culture based skills and recipes

  • Food trends

  • Cooking devices

  • Meal Prep Workshops

  • Park District and Library Programming

  • Scout badges

  • Social Group Events

  • Company Events

  • General cooking instruction


Rave Reviews


Indian Trails Public Library

Kristyn did a great job engaging with the members and acknowledging everything they had to share and encouraging their work. I also enjoyed her little bits of history sprinkled through out. Her bright personality really came through. The recipes were accessible and simple.

Overjoyed young family with little presc

Families in the Kitchen

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Deep Dish Pizza!

Live Class: Wednesday, June 23

Make this Chicago Classic with me LIVE!

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Live Class: Wednesday, July 21

What better combination could there be?

Sunrise Biscuits

Live Class: Wednesday, August 11

An easy buttermilk biscuit recipe to fill your belly!

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